Bader G. Qarmout
U.S. Senate

"I want to give my children the
country my parents gave me"

Bader Qarmout is an American of Jordanian descent. He was born in the country of Jordan to Christian parents. Qarmout is honored to have been born in the cradle of civilization .

Bader’s entire family – his parents and 9 children – immigrated to the United States in the mid-1970’s. Bader’s father and older brothers initially worked at a plastic factory in Moonachie, NJ. During this time, his whole family lived in a motor home that was parked in the parking lot of the factory. Every now and then, a police officer on patrol would notice the motor home parked between the trucks and kick them out. However, Bader recalls that, “If we were poor we never knew it.”

After years of hard work and pooling their money together, the family bought their first home in Paterson, NJ. A few years later the family rented their first store in Riverdale and moved to Pompton Lakes, NJ. The Qarmouts eventually owned and operated a convenience store and, before long, they had several locations.

By the example set by his father and brothers, Bader learned to appreciate the benefits of hard work. He truly believes that hard work is the only honest means to upward mobility. He also learned that there are no shortcuts to success.

Bader’s father worked long days, leaving the house at 4 am. Bader’s mother baked the bread for the store and then went home to look after her family. Bader fondly remembers coming home to house filled with family and the aromas of his mother’s cooking.

As a youngster, Bader had to abide by the family rules and a strict curfew. He worked after school and on weekends at the family business. Growing up in a working-class family that was founded in Christian principles established the framework for Bader’s life.

Bader’s parents also placed a high value on education. Bader graduated from Sussex County Vocational Technical High School and was the recipient of the Superintendent’s Round Table Award for leadership in 1987. He received his Associates of Arts focusing on psychology from County College of Morris in 1989.

Bader received his Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Political Science from the University of Hawaii at Hilo in 1991. He later received a Master’s degree in social work with a Drug Counseling minor from Rutgers University in 1993.

Through hard work and good fiscal management, Bader purchased his first building at the age of 23. He also continued to work in the family business and teach at the County College of Morris.

After Bader’s dad passed away in 1995, he bought the family business in order to keep it in the family and in his father’s name. In 2009, Bader sold the store to his brother in order to work toward his Doctorate degree.

Bader is married to Jennifer Fox Qarmout. They have a son and three daughters, who range in age from 3 to 11. Bader and Jennifer are committed to traditional family values and are raising their children to be caring, responsible citizens. Just as important, they want to give their children an America that is full of hope and prosperity.

Bader has always been interested in politics, but the past few years have led him to feel frustrated and angry at what he sees happening to the country he loves so much. Bader says “The America that my parents gave me is not the same America that I am giving my children.” It was that realization which motivated Bader to run for office. According to Bader, “We must reclaim our country and return to our founding principles.”

Jennifer believes that Bader offers a unique combination of “book smarts” and “street smarts.” Bader will bring common sense solutions to the table – not politics as usual. Bader believes that, “Our country is in crisis and it’s at times such as these that we need all Americans to stand united to defend and protect Liberty, we can not continue to entrust our children's future to self-serving lawyers or career politician. Let's take our County back!”