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The Qarmout Immigration Reform Plan – A Common Sense Solution to a Difficult Problem

posted Feb 24, 2012, 2:07 PM by web master   [ updated Apr 22, 2012, 2:34 PM by Bader George Qarmout ]

Although President Obama joked about the moat and alligators along the border, illegal immigration is not a laughing matter. Some    would be justified in thinking that the president was dismissive regarding  the concerns of millions of Americans, especially those living in border states. Nero may have fiddled when Rome was burning but President Obama campaigns while our country is going down in flames.  What America needs is one less politician, and one more great American to defend and protect this nation. Senator Menendez does not fit that bill. His career may personally benefit from the votes he receives from turning his head from this problem, but America and New Jersey suffer the consequences. As a United States Senator, his priority should be the American people and solving their problems.  In this instance, he is part of the problem.

While President Obama may not know the difference between legal and illegal immigrants, neither does Senator Menendez who prefers to call them “undocumented workers.” Most Americans have no problems with legal immigrants. The problems that most Americans have are with an unsecured border and criminal illegal aliens. 

The term “criminal illegal” aliens are a bit redundant, in that breaking our laws makes you both a criminal and someone who has acted illegally. It should be no surprise that those who enter this country illegally have disregarded other laws as well.  This somewhat redundant term “criminal illegal” refers to an illegal alien who has broken other laws as well our immigration laws. When discussing this issue, it would be wise to remember that the mindset that makes it permissible to break our laws in order to ascertain what you want is not a desirable trait, nor is it the type of person we want to welcome into our country. The argument that these are good people who are seeking a better life for themselves and their families fails to take this moral defect into account. The Qarmout Immigration Reform Plan would differentiate between the criminal and non-criminal illegal aliens. The criminal illegal aliens would be immediately deported.

Before going into detail, it is necessary to stress up front that any illegal alien who indulges in additional criminal activity of any kind while participating in this plan will not be permitted to stay in this country.  The plan does not permit illegal aliens who are participating in this plan to be the beneficiaries of our entitlement programs, nor will any of their children born on our soil during this 10 year period be granted automatic citizenship. It should be noted that this Plan complies with our system of juris prudence that fines lawbreakers and imbues a period of probation upon them as well. 

Immigrants come to America for many reasons. My parents legally brought my siblings and me to this great country for opportunity and freedom of religion. I was born and raised as a Christian in a Muslim country. I understand the “pull” factor of this great nation. I equally can understand the “push” factor in many oppressive and repressive countries. I do not fault anyone who wants to better their lives and the  lives of their family members by coming to America. However, I believe as my parents came legally, so must others. Those who disrespect our laws to gain entry to this great nation corrupt the very principles they risk life and limb to acquire.  When a country’s laws are disregarded for personal gain, and that disregard is not penalized, the entire country is in danger of anarchy.  Senator Menendez does not appreciate the philosophical consequences for this nation when he minimizes the impact the illegal alien invasion has cost us statewide and nationwide. It is virtually impossible for a man who does not recognize the problem to be able to offer a viable solution.

Before I introduce my plan, I believe it is imperative to acknowledge that we have a problem.  Rather than sweep this issue under the rug or pretend we can solve it by deporting over 11 million illegal’s, I have developed a practical and comprehensive plan that both penalizes those who have broken our laws and offers a solution to their dilemma. 

The goal of The Qarmout Immigration Reform Plan is  to offer a practical solution  to  fix a broken system. As a Conservative Republican, I must painfully admit, that even some of my favorite presidents made mistakes regarding illegal immigration. Providing amnesty and leaving the border unsecured was a colossal mistake by Ronald Reagan, arguably the biggest failure of his administration.  However, I recognize that we must move from agonizing over our mistakes to creating solutions.

The first step of my Plan, and should be of any plan, is to secure all borders and ports. America, as all nations, should know who is entering the country and why. I do not know of any sovereign country that does not regulate and secures its borders. Secured borders are a must and a first step. It was the first thing President George W. Bush did when we entered Iraq. A country without border is not a country; it’s only a chaotic piece of geography.

We can deal with the illegal aliens that are here after securing the borders. Some believe that we should round them all up and ship them back. Not going to happen.  It is as impractical as it is overwhelming expensive. It has been estimated that there are approximately 12-18 million illegal adults and 3-8 million illegal children, imports not domestic. Therefore, we need a comprehensive plan to deal with approximately 20 million men, women, and children. 

The Qarmout Plan requires, as a second step, all illegal aliens must register with an officially designated office.  For the purpose of this argument, I will suggest that they go to the nearest United States Post Service Office (USPS) to register. The post office already deals with processing passports, is a federal entity, and thousands of jobs could be saved. Instead of firing employees, the post office would have to hire additional employees and we would be creating legitimate tax generating jobs, which are sorely needed.

The illegal aliens would be required to pay a registration fee of $150.00 per adult and $10.00 per child under 18 years old. The registration application would require the applicant to be photographed and fingerprinted. (The USPS could fill that need for a fee of $20.00 for photo and $23.00 for fingerprinting). After the applications is completed and filed it would be entered into a nationwide database system. At this point the applicant would be issued an alien number similar to an H1 visa. The alien number would be specific to every applicant and would be required in addition to a social security number in every instance a social security number is required. The H1 visa would allow the applicant to work and pay taxes, along with open a bank account and get a driver’s license. The H1 visa would NOT allow the applicant to vote. After the 10 year H1 Visa period the applicant can either return to their country of origin or apply for a Green Card. Green Card holders are NOT allowed to vote in the United States.

At the Beginning of the ten year probation period, the applicant would be required to have a form filled out by his/her sponsoring employer. The sponsoring employer would complete and file the form with the IRS and the state Division of Taxation for their respective state. During this time frame, the employer must pay the applicant  minimum wage, or more, and must also withhold payroll taxes and other state and federal withholdings like any other legal employee. 

Additionally, the applicant must agree to and the employer must also withhold an additional $19.25 per working adult for ten years. The applicant can circumvent this withholding by paying it upfront in one lump sum of $10,000.00 and $1000.00 per child, or could pay the remainder of what is outstanding at anytime. After 10 years of legal employment, no criminal involvement, and paying the corrective amount of $19.25 per week, then the applicant can move to the next phase of this plan. 

After a total of ten years H1 employment, and ten thousand dollars of fines, then the applicant would be eligible to apply for a Green Card, or they can return to their country of origin. This plan should be available for a limited time period, perhaps one year.

The intended goal of The Qarmout Immigration Reform Plan is to fix a broken system and have its beneficiaries pay for it through fines and a probation period.  The total estimate of fees paid to the government would be *$3.15 billion in USPS fees (photo, fingerprint, and application fees) and $150 billion in corrective fees. The $150 billion in corrective fees could to be divided 50/50 between states and the federal government. 

These fees will be proportionately distributed to the federal government to pay for border security and no other purpose. The remainder of the fees will be distributed to the municipalities where the applicants live to reimburse them for the cost of municipal services incurred.

This plan will allow t illegal aliens to come out of the darkness and into the light. When given the opportunity, I believe the majority of illegal aliens would agree to pay the penalty fee of $19.25 per week for ten years and keep working, paying taxes, and staying out of trouble if it gives them the right to apply for a green card. A built in benefit of this plan beyond the additional payroll taxes, is the ability of newly registered aliens to open a bank account and thus more of their earnings would stay in the United States and benefit the American economy. They would also enjoy the protection of our labor laws and would receive at least minimum wages, as all American workers. 

* A total of $10,000.00 per adult, $19.25 per week for ten years, ($15 billion a year for 10 years) That’s a total of $150 Billion over ten years. Total of $1,000.00 (10% of the parent) per child would be added to one parent's withholding to be paid over the first five years equals $500 million dollars.

Fees to be paid upon applying:
Photo $20.00 X 20 million (15 million adults and 5 million kids) = $400 Million
Fingerprint $23.00 X 20 million (15 million adults and 5 million kids) = $460 million
Application fee $150.00 X 15 million adults $2.25Billion (could charge 10.00 per child application fee to generate an additional $50 million)