I believe America’s long-term national security is negatively affected by our dependence on foreign oil. It is my goal to ensure America’s independence by breaking the shackles that enslave us. I support extracting domestic energy sources  by allowing off shore and domestic drilling. While protecting the environment, I would support the use of nuclear energy and domestic oil shale. I would also support research and development into promising forms of energy like hydrogen, coal, and garbage gasification. I realize that overregulation is preventing the private sector from investing in, exploring, and extracting all forms of energy that we need in order to make America self reliant and free. This great nation can‘t be at the whim of Iran or Venezuela.  On Jan, 1st 2012 President Ahmadinejad of Iran threatened to closed the Strait of Hormuz by which 20% of the world’s oil flows and causing the price of oil to rise on the world market. Rather than this administration investing in Brazil’s off-shore drilling and become its “biggest customer” we should be investing in America and American jobs. 

I would support the building of the Keystone pipeline not only to help reduce the cost of petroleum by increasing supply but also creating thousands of American jobs. 

National Security

Whether you support state rights or federal rights, Article 1 Section 8 of our Constitution makes it clear that our government is to provide for our “Common Defense.” That is arguably the most important function of the federal government. I unyieldingly support a strong and uncompromising national defense that gives our military all the resources needed to protect against threats to our national security from individuals, organizations, or other nations. With 4 family members serving(ed) in the US military, I am proud of and committed to insuring that our heroes in uniform and their families have our gratitude for their unselfish sacrifice. If I have the difficult decision of sending our men and women into war, I would support the generals and not second guess them. When our men and women are sent on a mission, they must be confident in the knowledge that a grateful nation will support their every need with the most advanced technology and the full force of the most powerful nation on earth. I support the use of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba for the incarceration of terrorists. Unlike Senator Menendez, I would not have voted to give habeas Corpus to Gitmo detainees.  I would support military tribunals in Gitmo and not civilian trials in the US mainland.

I support cutting of waste in all departments and agencies of the government, I will not support any cuts in pay or benefits to our military personal. 

Health Care

I support comprehensive health care reform. I believe that the Menendez/Obamacare must be repealed. I support reform that would allow Americans to realize lower cost and increased doctor-patient relationship and quality of coverage. I would support interstate insurance commerce. From 2000 through 2007 family health insurance premiums for New Jersey’s workers rose 4.7 times more quickly than median earnings. On average, health care premiums for families rose by 71.0 percent, while median earnings rose by only 15.0 percent. I believe the most effective way to lower the cost of health insurance is competition. Competition is the bedrock of this great nation. As in nearly all other industries, competition will bring prices down and improve quality and increase accessibility. 


I would love to see peace in the Middle East for the sake of all of God’s children. What would it take to achieve this seemingly impossible task? American presidents for decades have attempted to no avail. America and other nations can help, but the ultimate work falls on Palestinians and Israelis. Both sides have to want peace in order to achieve it. It’s not what either side wants, but rather what their enemy wants. If Israel wants peace and the Palestinians want the destruction of the Jewish state, then peace is impossible. Palestinians must truly want peace in order for peace to be within reach.  Both sides must love their children more than territories.  Moderates must view extremists as an obstacle and alienate them. 

Israel has a right to exist in peace and prosperity. Israel has an equal right to defense and security. As a sovereign nation, Israel should not ask for the right to defend itself.  Israel does not need anyone’s permission to exist. As your senator, I will defend and protect the only stable democracy in the Middle East. 

Balanced Budget

We should work towards a balanced budget amendment. The $15+ trillion debt is one of the greatest threats to our national security and stability. Irrelevant of its causes, (enough blame to go around to both parties) this financial crisis is the single largest issue facing this nation. What politicians need to understand is simply, the nation is broke. When one is broke, one would be foolish to borrow more than they can reasonably payback, to spend on things as if they are not broke at all. More foolish then the borrower is the lender, unless the lender wants to enslave the borrower. We must restore common sense to government.

Most Americans had to make adjustments in their spending and lifestyle. Washington will not make the tough decisions on what to cut. Our fiscal weakness has emboldened America’s enemies and reduced our prestige and respect around the world. We must rediscover fiscal sanity and discipline to reclaim our rightful place as the greatest nation on earth. Senator Menendez voted against balanced budget bills twice in 2011. We need a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution because under the current administration and the current Senate leadership the US Senate has not passed a budget in over 1000 days. We cannot pay for their incompetence with our children’s future.


In order to instill confidence and help the private sector create jobs we need to not only repeal Menendez/Obamacare, but also lower the corporate tax rate to 15% for 5 years, and then vote to renew it for 3 years or raise it to 20% permanently (down from the current 35% highest in the world). We must also allow American companies to repatriate their foreign profits at zero percent in exchange for 5% of the amount to be spent on new hires and/or capital improvements thus create thousands of jobs. We need to have a discussion on government regulations. We need basic protections and safety regulations but I believe that environmental over regulation, the oppressive tax code, and the current healthcare reform make it impossible to operate competitively in the USA. 

Mandatory E-Verify and Immigration Reform-NOT Amnesty

Immigrants come to America for many reasons. My parents legally brought my siblings and me to this great country for opportunity and freedom of religion. I was born and raised as a Christian in a Muslim country. I understand the “pull” factor of this great nation. I equally can understand the “push” factor in many oppressive and repressive countries. I do not fault anyone who wants to better their lives and the lives of their family members by coming to America. However, I believe as my parents came legally, so must others. Those who disrespect our laws to gain entry to this great nation corrupt the very principles they risk life and limb to acquire. 

The first step to comprehensive immigration reform must be to secure America’s borders with Fence/wall, troops, and smart technology. I would not support amnesty or any plan that does not require the removal of criminal illegal aliens. 

Term Limits

Career politicians are not something our Founders envisioned. Term limits are needed for members of both the House and Senate. Two six year terms for the Senate, and six two year terms for members of the House is more than adequate.  Twelve years is more than enough time to do the People’s business, and then they can go back to their own business. 

Entitlement reform

I support helping my fellow Americans in their time of need. I believe reform is needed in the entitlement programs because of abuse and waste. Shared sacrifice is needed by all Americans, including those on entitlement programs. The Federal Food Stamp Program for example should be overhauled. There is waste and under supervision in this and most government assistance programs. 

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the U.S Constitution is clear when it comes to citizen’s right to bear arms. Our Founding Fathers made it abundantly clear that “..the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I strongly believe when the government takes guns away from the law abiding citizens, it empowers the criminals.

Social Security

Largely due to aging baby boomers reaching retiring age Social Security Insurance (SSI)  is projected to run out of money in 25 years. Any solutions to fix SSI should be for persons born after 1957. Those who are 55 years old or older should not see any changes.  Fixing SSI has some politically risky options. All agree that something needs to done, politically risky or not.  Over the past 25 years the Social Security trust funds have built up a $2.5 trillion surplus. What has happened to that money, well the federal government has borrowed that money over the years to spend on other programs. Social Security must be returned to original intent of self sufficiency.  A quarter of the shortfall would vanish if Congress would increase the age to receive full benefits from 67 to 68. We would realize a greater impact if the age is increased to 70. People can still retire at a younger age if they are willing to receive less than the full benefits.  When the economy is stronger, other solutions should be explored. Raising the employee and/or employer’s contribution by 1.1% each would completely wipe-out the SSI shortfall. Another option to be looked into when the economy is stronger is raising the SSI cap from $106,800.00 to an agreed upon higher number.

Flat Tax 

I would support a flat tax that would be less expensive to enforce and less burdensome on the tax payer. The current 7500 page tax code cost about $11 billion annually to implement in collection and enforcement. The federal government currently collects about 2 trillion dollars annually. A flat tax would widen the tax base and increase revenue by stimulating the business sector by boosting confidence. Simplifying the current tax code will increase compliance and reduce government cost. Most would agree that the current system is broken and is in desperate need of fixing. 

Education Reform

Any discussion of education reform must start with the realization that the system is broken and in need of reform. In an honest disclosure, I am a member of the American Federation of Teachers and I have been teaching as an adjunct faculty at a New Jersey college for fourteen years. Education reform is not a Republican verses Democrat, or union verse non-union issue. Education reform is a realistic view that the system is not only expensive but is also very broken. We must answer the question of how to reform education in America and give our children the education they deserve and that we pay for. As a businessman, I believe the best way to improve any product and lower its price is competition.  I strongly support school vouchers as the best way to improve schools and give parents the freedom and choice that they deserve. The educational monopoly we currently have is not conducive to a good education and thus is an injustice to the child, parent, and society as a whole.